2.3 Million Stimulus Checks Have Been Sent


The government recently announced that more than 2.3 million new stimulus payments have been issued to eligible Americans. In total, the government has released over 169 million payments worth nearly $359 billion ever since Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act. 

The Act authorized payments of up to $1,400 per individual, plus an additional $1,400 per eligible dependent, for families and individuals who happen to fall under specific income thresholds and also meet certain other requirements. 

In this round, almost 1.1 million of the new stimulus checks – that have a value of over $2.5 million – were, in fact, “plus-up” payments, which essentially include larger or new payments that were due to families and individuals after their tax returns for 2020 were processed. 

Additionally, over 900,000 checks, which are worth around $1.9 billion, went to people who filed their taxes with the IRS recently but did not have their information on record previously. The latest round of stimulus check payments includes over 1.2 million direct deposit payments (the remaining was sent in the form of paper checks) to eligible Americans.

If you are yet to receive your $1,400 stimulus check or any of the previous payments made, you can claim the money when you file a federal tax return. Your 2020 tax return will also indicate if your income has lowered since the last tax filing in 2019 or if you’ve added a new dependent, which could make you eligible to receive additional funds. 

The IRS is continuing to issue checks every week to those whose previous payments fell short and is also releasing new payments to individuals it did not have on record till recently.