AstraZeneca US trial: Vaccine 79% Effective at Preventing Symptomatic COVID-19


In a Phase 3 clinical trial conducted in the United States, Peru, and Chile, The AstraZeneca-Oxford University coronavirus vaccine was found to be  79% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19, based on an interim data analysis.

In the trial, which included more than 32,000 participants, AstraZeneca stated that the two-dose vaccine, AZD1222, demonstrated “100% efficacy at preventing severe disease and hospitalization” for COVID-19. Further, the vaccine was found to be 80% effective among participants aged 65 and older.

The AstraZeneca press release also stated that “The vaccine was well-tolerated, and the independent data safety monitoring board (DSMB) identified no safety concerns related to the vaccine,” also adding that the review found “no increased risk” of “thrombotic events,” commonly known as blood clots.

Although AstraZeneca’s vaccine has been approved for emergency use in over  50 countries, it has not yet been approved in the United States. The European Medicines Agency last week certified the shot safe after a review but also said that the vaccine will now include a warning label.

The press release stated that AstraZeneca “will continue to analyze the data and prepare for the primary analysis to be submitted to the U.S. food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization in the coming weeks”.