Biden Announces ‘National Month of Action’ to Encourage Americans to Get Vaccinated


President Joe Biden recently announced a “National Month of Action” and outlined the various steps his administration will be taking to vaccinate 70% of American adults with at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine by July 4. 

Speaking from the White House, Biden said, “It’s going to take everyone, everyone — the federal government, the state governments, local, tribal and territorial governments, private sector, and most importantly the American people — to get to this 70% mark so we can declare our independence from Covid-19 and free ourselves from the grip it has held over us, our lives, for the better part of a year.” 

The American President warned people who choose not to get vaccinated that they are at risk of getting seriously ill, spreading the disease to others, or dying.

The President added that getting the COVID-19 vaccine was not a partisan act, noting that the science behind the vaccine was developed under the Republican and Democratic administrations. Biden touted the response of his administration to the pandemic and said the success of the national vaccination campaign was a key reason for the U.S. heading into this summer in a very different manner from last summer when stay-at-home orders and lockdowns were imposed to stop the spread of the pandemic. 

Regarding this, Biden said, “A summer of freedom, a summer of joy, a summer of get-togethers and celebrations. An all-American summer that this country deserves after a long, long dark winter that we’ve all endured.”

The National Month of Action includes a partnership with Anheuser-Busch, the brewer that produces Budweiser. The company recently announced that it will be giving away free alcohol if the country reaches Biden’s goal to get a minimum of 70% of the adults in the U.S. vaccinated by July 4, with at least one shot.