COVID Cases of Delta Variant Surge in Missouri due to anti-vaxxers


As America emerges from it’s COVID crisis, Missouri’s turning into an advisory tale for the rest of the country. The state is seeing a high rise in cases because of resistance among many people to getting vaccinated, and the fast-spreading delta variant. ICU beds are filling up with young, unvaccinated patients. This is causing health workers to burn out, fighting a battle that was supposed to be in its final stage.

The state of Missouri now leads the nation with the highest rate of COVID infections. This surge is taking place largely in politically conservative farming regions. While more than 53% of all Americans have received at least one shot, according to the CDC, most southern and northern counties in Missouri have a vaccinated population of less than 40%. 

Most COVID-19 infected patients in the ICU are under 40. Lagging rates, especially among young adults have become an increasing source of concern around the country, as is the delta variant. 

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the delta variant is the greatest threat in America to eliminate COVID-19. To protect more Americans from this variant, officials are stepping up efforts to vaccinate people between ages 18 to 26.