Double-Murder Accused Defends Himself In Death Penalty Trial


Double murder accused Ronnie Oneal III is serving as his own attorney in the death penalty trial being held in Florida. The defendant is accused of killing his girlfriend and daughter as well as attempting to kill his 11-year-old son. In a fiery opening statement, Oneal told jurors that he didn’t attack his girlfriend and disabled daughter on March 18, 2018. Instead, he stated that his girlfriend Kenyatta Baron was responsible for attacking their two children and that he killed her in self-defense. On June 16, he cross-examined his son, Ronnie IV, who is the primary witness in the trial. When asked by his father how he had hurt him, the child said, “You stabbed me.” In addition, he detailed how his father set fire to their home with gasoline. 

Other family members including Oneal’s stepfather Billy Smith took the witness stand too. The trial is expected to last through the week of June 21st and if convicted, Oneal stands to get the death penalty. Watch the video here.