Here’s What’s Happening With Your Stimulus Check


With new unemployment claims at an all-time low since the beginning of the pandemic, many are wondering if talk of the fourth stimulus check will come to an end. President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of senators recently agreed upon the details of a possible infrastructure deal. However, the proposal did not include anything that resembled additional economic stimulus for families or individuals. 

In early June, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said President Biden was “open to a range of ideas” with regard to the stimulus aid, but she added that he had already suggested what he felt would likely be “the most effective for the short term.”

Whether in the form of multiple payments or as a one-time payment, some lawmakers have been urging the Biden administration for additional financial relief, citing support from financial analysts and the general public. But others in Washington are of the opinion that as the financial situation becomes better, additional stimulus money should not be a top priority. 

Are more stimulus payments still on the card?

Since the American Rescue Plan came into effect in March 2021, the Biden administration has put together two packages – the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan. Neither of these two plans calls for more stimulus aid. 

That said, the White House could provide more money to those in need as part of a broader economic strategy by making the child tax credit raise permanent, passing a minimum wage hike, or renewing federal unemployment assistance beyond the fall. Experts are of the opinion that since some relief money has already been approved this year, it is unlikely that the Biden administration will issue a fourth stimulus payment.