Is LinkedIn Learning a good choice?


LinkedIn Learning allows you to learn valuable skills and gain significant knowledge that pertains to your industry, all at a reasonable price-point of $29.99 a month. Note that this price also covers a LinkedIn Premium account which has its own professional advantages. LinkedIn Learning allows you access to video content and paid courses from consummate professionals. Let’s take a look at the standout features.

For one, you’ll get a variety of skill-building workshops and content to choose from. This virtual learning platform offers paid courses in three broad categories: Business, Creative, and Technology. It also offers content organized by subject, software, or tool or ‘Learning Path’. Learning Path encompasses a cloud of information on a particular subject. By linking video content that relates to one to the next, learners are going to get enough working knowledge about a subject that they want to explore. Since the field of knowledge is always expanding, LinkedIn Learning also updates its courses regularly so that you grow and learn as the industry does.

Here is where you must try to manage your expectations. LinkedIn Learning isn’t designed to substitute college courses. It also doesn’t offer accreditations, though you do get certifications on your profile as you complete a course. These courses are made specifically to give you considerable know-how so that you can decide to seek out more traditional learning routes if you wish.

Other features that users like are the interactive nature of the courses, the Question-and-Answer sections, the ability to track your progress and set weekly goals, and the user-friendly interface.  It also caters to non-native speakers by providing a full transcript of videos.

So, is the $29.99 fee worth it? That depends on you. At which stage in your career are you? What are your professional goals? If you’re at the beginning of your career or interning, making use of this platform will signal to your employer that you’re worth keeping in the game. You’ll also find it useful if you’re finding it difficult to grow in your career. LinkedIn Learning will re-animate your career by giving you access to learning content. All we can say is that it’s a great tool for anyone looking for a professional competitive edge.  



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