Kevin Clark, 32, Dies in a Motor Accident


Musician and actor Kevin Clark best known for playing the role of Freddy Jones in 2003’s School of Rock, has passed away after meeting with a fatal accident in Chicago. Clark, who was 32 at the time of the accident, was riding his bicycle when a motorist struck him. He was immediately rushed to a hospital but was pronounced dead. 

The Cook County Medical Examiner attributed the cause of his death to blunt force injury caused by the collision of the motor vehicle with his bicycle. The driver of the motor vehicle was identified as a 20-year-old woman who was issued citations by law enforcement authorities following the accident. 

Clark had not acted since starring in School of Rock but continued his career as a drummer. According to Allison Clark, his mother, his newest band had just played their first show on May 22. “He’s got a heart of gold,” she stated. 

In an interview with 22 Vision in the year 2013, Kevin Clark recalled auditioning for his role in School of Rock, with Joey Gaydos Jr., who played Zack Mooneyham. “I went in there, said some lines, played on a little electric drum set, then I left, and my mom decided to talk, as she does, for a long time — God love her,” he said. “Because Joey went in about 20 minutes after my audition and did the same thing with his lines, blew them away on guitar and then they came out.”

The casting directors then requested the duo to come back in and play “Day Tripper” and “Iron Man” by the Beatles and Black Sabbath, respectively, together. This collaboration blew them away and both young musicians landed roles in the movie. 

In 2013, the cast members reunited in Austin, Texas for a performance to celebrate the movie’s 10th year anniversary.