President Biden Urged to Make Future Stimulus Checks Automatic


As Democrats pressure the Biden administration to deliver a fourth round of stimulus checks, many want to see President Joe Biden go even further to ensure that struggling Americans continue receiving aid, for as long as they require it. 

Lawmakers, echoing the sentiments of millions of Americans, are proposing that future stimulus payments should be made spontaneously, and tied closely to the economy. New rounds of stimulus check payments are likely to kick in if particular economic triggers are hit. Lawmakers in support of this idea say families who require help getting through the pandemic, or through whatever crisis is next, may be better able to afford housing and food, pay down debt, and cover other basic bills with the stimulus money.

Over the last few weeks, Democrats have been increasingly pushing for new relief payments that would be put on “autopilot,” where they are distributed to U.S. households without requiring a vote from Congress, thus providing speedy support to Americans and the economy.

The lawmakers have said additional direct aid will keep many more Americans out of poverty and provide them the assurance that financial assistance will come anytime the economy shows signs of slowing down. 

A recent letter sent to President Joe Biden by seven democrats read, “Families and workers shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’ll have enough money to pay for essentials in the months ahead as the country continues to fight a global pandemic and recession.”

In total, more than 80 members of Congress have gone on record to show their support for at least another round of stimulus check payments.