Three paranormal phenomena that will blow your mind


Skeptics and cynics will roll their eyes, but there is some paranormal stuff that you simply can’t use logic or science to explain. Whatever your experiences (or lack thereof) with the paranormal, these spooky paranormal phenomena sit a little too close to recorded history for comfort. Will the shivers down your spine make you a believer? Well, stranger things have happened (as you will soon see).

An apparition shot a Chinese emperor

Ghosts in popular culture tend to drift aimlessly through walls and hide in corners. But, not Tu-Po, an ancient Chinese ghost. In life, Tu-Po was a trusted minister to the Chinese emperor Hsuan (827-783 BC). When the pair had a disagreement, the emperor had Tu-Po killed in 786 B.C. Three years later, the emperor was shot by an arrow wielded by a figure that resembled the long-dead Tu-Po. The emperor died in front of witnesses – an assembly of feudal lords who watched on in helpless horror.

A ghost in a haunted house is laid to rest

According to a chilling tale told by Roman Senator Pliny the Younger (died AD 113), the ancient philosopher Athenodorus would have probably said “I’m not afraid of no ghost”. Athenodorus visited an ancient haunted house where a specter with a “long beard and emaciated and squalid appearance,” terrified the locals. Athenodorus confronted the ghost, marked the spot where it vanished, and ordered that spot to be dug up the next morning. Low and behold, a rotting corpse was discovered. The remains of the corpse were given a proper ritual burial and the house was never haunted again.

The Brown Lady of Raynham hall gets caught on film

Raynham Hall in Norfolk UK always had a reputation of being haunted by Lady Dorothy Townshend who had died in 1726 of smallpox. She was the wife of the second viscount of the estate and had been having an affair that her husband discovered before she died. Over a century later, a photographer who was taking pictures in the 7,000-acre manor captured a troubling frame – an apparition of a woman floating down a flight of stairs. To this day, it’s the most captivating picture ever taken and is guaranteed to turn your blood cold.



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