US Summer Travel Deals This Year


With high gas prices and massive capacity cuts, air travel in the US has become extremely expensive. Airlines are canceling more flights due to oversaturation of their schedules and understaffing. As a result, air travel is becoming increasingly expensive for ordinary consumers.

Because of staffing shortages, many hotels have limited occupancy to 60% of their capacity. This helps them avoid selling the other 40% of their rooms due to limited staff support. Hotels have reduced some services, such as restaurants, laundry, and room service, because they cannot afford to sustain those expenses with the current staff size. So, travel deals will be few and far between for Americans during the upcoming summer season.

Hold on to redeeming your miles

It might seem tempting to redeem frequent flyer miles for flights when ticket prices are high, but not this summer. Airlines have been increasing the number of frequent flyer miles required to redeem award tickets, which means that redemption might not be as lucrative as it was. 

During the pandemic’s peak, when airlines were flying at 20% capacity and many flights were canceled entirely, some frequent flyer tickets could be claimed on as little as 7,500 miles. A flight from LA to New York could often be had for as little as 12,500 miles. However, those days are over. Airlines are now reluctant to give up revenue seats on planes for award tickets. Even if a frequent flyer has enough miles to redeem an award ticket, the number of miles needed has increased significantly. A trip to New York would now require 40,000 miles or more.

Book smartly

When booking a trip, consider whether you need a round-trip ticket. Often, it is cheaper to book each flight individually, using different airlines. Check the price of one-way tickets with two different airlines. There can be noticeable price swings in many cases depending on the demand for individual flights on specific days.  

Several US airports offer lower fares than their better-known counterparts and inexpensive taxi rides or parking. Consider Long Beach instead of LAX, Oakland instead of San Francisco, Providence instead of Boston, and Baltimore instead of Washington — which is regarded as Chicago’s third airport. Consider Long Island MacArthur Airport in Islip, New York, as an alternative to LaGuardia or JFK. Buying a pass to use Amtrak is still a bargain. Passes start at $500 for adults and $250 for kids under 12. If you plan your travel wisely and purchase an unlimited pass, it can be a great way to see some of the United States’ most scenic routes.