Where is Casey Anthony Now?


True crime enthusiasts are still outraged over the details of Casey Anthony’s infamous murder trial. But it’s now been more than a decade since the disappearance and death of Casey’s daughter, Caylee Anthony, and the 35-year-old is trying to lead a normal life. 

It is reported that Casey is writing a definitive and detailed account of her life so far and the tragedy of losing her daughter and all the events that followed. It is believed that Casey knows the book will be controversial and that she will receive criticism no matter what she does. But she also feels like her side of the story has never been told. 

What does Casey Anthony do?

Apart from working as a researcher, Casey tried to start her own photography business a few years back and even created a Twitter account for her company, Case Photography LLC. However, the account was soon deleted, given that she received more questions about her trial than photo inquiries. 

In December 2020, Casey launched a Florida-based private investigation firm. According to paperwork, her new company is called Case Research & Consulting Services LLC and was filed with the Florida Division Corporation on December 14. Some reports have implied that Casey wants to investigate the death of her daughter, but a source close to her has said that is not the case and that Casey did not start a company to investigate Caylee’s death. Instead, she reportedly wants to help others who are facing serious legal charges. 

In June 2019, Casey Anthony announced that she was working on a movie about her life after Caylee’s death. However, the movie never really got off the ground. 

Anthony was also spotted back on the dating scene after many years of trying to keep out of the public eye. However, she reportedly isn’t ready to “settle down.”